Experience the Addictive Thrills of the Popular Filipino Card Game

Is there anybody here who hasn’t encountered the excitement of playing Tongits? Without a doubt, it remains as one of the most darling and generally played games among Filipinos

The Confounding Beginnings of Tongits: Revealing the Development of an Immortal Game
The genuine beginnings of Tongits remain covered in secret, however it acquired starting prominence among the Ilocanos. It is accepted to have begun in Pangasinan during the mid-1980s under the name “tung-it.” This dazzling game offers similarities with the prestigious Asian game, mahjong, as well as the exemplary game, rummy.

Tongits utilizes a standard deck of 52 cards and obliges a limit of four players. Every player is managed a hand of 12 cards, while the vendor gets 13, leaving the excess cards in a focal stack. The essential goal of the game is to debilitate every one of the cards close by shaping firm blends, either by using the disposed of cards of different players or by drawing from the focal stack.

Touching off a Computerized Transformation – Interfacing People group and Hoisting Gaming Encounters
Tongits has forever been a well known game, frequently partook in when individuals assembled. Notwithstanding, with the pervasiveness of lockdowns and strategic isolations, its prominence has flooded significantly further in the web-based domain. As per Playjoy, the organization behind Tongits Go (TG), the game has seen a momentous expansion in downloads and player enrollments. With north of 20 million players in the Philippines alone, Playjoy’s conscious technique of making unmistakably Filipino chess and easygoing games has evoked an emotional response from the gaming local area. Besides, Playjoy’s obligation to creating games that cultivate happiness among loved ones has added to its prosperity.

Tongits Go offers a thrilling involvement in its different scope of game modes. Players can participate in exciting contest across seven unique levels, including Novice, Beginner, Middle, Predominant, Master, Expert, and Legend. Also, the game presents different competition choices, SNG (Sit and Go), and other serious modes, adding to the fervor and profundity of interactivity.

A Different Gaming Universe with Exciting Difficulties and Vast Associations
Tongits Go incorporates a spellbinding exhibit of games, including Pusoy Go, Fortunate 9 Go, Poker Land, and Bingo Land, close by a combination of five unmistakable chess and relaxed games.

The game conveys extraordinary diversion as well as cultivates a serious climate. Participating in these games involves testing others as well as receiving progressively compensating rewards as you progress. The incorporation of a Big stake prize pool gathering adds an additional layer of energy to the interactivity, while players accomplishing continuous triumphs have a potential for success to get improved rewards.

For those looking for a seriously difficult encounter, the competition interactivity presents a fight mode, welcoming players who hunger for extreme contest. Test your abilities against players from Southeast Asia, South America, North America, and then some. Combine efforts with others or spectate spellbinding ongoing interaction as Tongits Go turns into a stage for well disposed contest and encouraging associations among outsiders.

Releasing Tomfoolery and Availability through Constant Updates and Local area Commitment
Tongits Go persistently gets updates, enhancements, and improvements, upgrading its tomfoolery and playability. New item includes and invigorating ongoing interaction choices are routinely added, guaranteeing players stay connected with and captivated. Especially during lockdowns, Tongits Go fills in as a pressure easing outlet, uniting loved ones across distances. One player blissfully remarked, “Tongits Go overcomes any barrier between us, permitting us to encounter fellowship no matter what our actual areas.”

With a promise to developing an energetic and sound gaming local area stage, Tongits Go has turned into Playjoy’s most pursued table game. Its rising positions in both the Google and Apple stores say a lot about its developing unmistakable quality. As we approach the finish of 2020, Playjoy stays devoted to improving interactivity quality and investigating new game business sectors.






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